I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado in the shade of the Rocky Mountains. Even though I was doodling since I could grasp a crayon, the sheer drive to create hit me when I was 13. I would spend days in my bedroom listening to pop-punk and drawing models and rock stars as vampires. Those drawings would get plastered across my walls until I was sick of the mistakes and would have to fill the spaces with new drawings. My dad was a huge catalyst in my passion through his pure excitement at seeing me create. A decade and a half later that excitement for the creative process is mine, and it's the products of these creative processes that I hope to share with the world.

I paint subjects that amaze and bewilder me. They are beautiful and mysterious. Both galaxies and women possess these qualities for me and in drawing them, I feel like I'm always trying to solve their mystery for myself but deepen the mystery for my viewer. This duality, and duality's in general are a major element in what I'm creating.

Join me in discovering the mysteries of the universe.

Colorado native. Rochester implant. Nazareth grad. Painter of women and galaxies.